Welcome to the Black Virtual Assistant Training Program for Black (African American) Men and Women that will teach, support, and train you on how to become a Professional Virtual Assistant.

What’s Included?

  • A private Onboarding Session with Regina and or Imani – sharing everything about the program, listening to your goals,  answering your questions, and the first steps to getting started in your VA business.
  • Mentored to a Professional VA – you will learn how to communicate, respond professionally to emails as well as telephone calls. Virtual Assisting is not just about tasks, it’s also about professionalism, attitude, and communication.
  • The Gig Board – includes opportunities to apply for legitimate VA gigs (I don’t call them jobs, we’re independent business owners – we are not looking for jobs!)
  • Black Virtual Assistants Directory – your business will be listed (after a thorough and complete review/approval) in the directory for businesses looking for VAs.
  • The Resource Gallery – includes contracts, invoices, checklists, templates, “how to” materials, scripts, training materials, books, software training, and more.
  • The Community Center – here’s where you’ll never be alone! Socialize, Learn, Grow, Support and Collaborate!
  • Intern Opportunities – The Intern Opportunity is where we will teach you how to be an exceptional non-paying intern into a professionally paid virtual assistant! We share all of the details about this in the members’ area.
  • Access to our Private Facebook Group (paid members only)

The Investment

  • Membership Rate $37 per mth, cancel anytime you’re ready!

Why is the membership so low? Because I want to share this with the masses of passionate men and women who are serious about having a professional virtual assistant business!

  • Yearly Subscription $407

  • Lifetime Access $997

Cringe at monthly installments? Select the Lifetime Offer and never pay again!

“I dare you to give and get support so you can fly higher than you ever imagined.” — Angela Jia Kim

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