I always read Joan Stewart’s emails. Why? Because she’s the Publicity Hound, of course!

So here’s what she said about the 5 Best Free Press Release Distribution Services 2018

FitSmallBusiness.com reviewed more than 90 of the free
options and found only five reputable choices. They
then reviewed those five on criteria such as the size of
their distribution network, level of customization and
ease of use.

You can find their comparison of the best 5 free services
here: https://fitsmallbusiness.com/best-free-press-release-distribution-services/

If you can afford several hundred dollars for a higher
level of distribution, FitSmallBusiness.com also compared three
major services: eReleases, PRWeb and PRNewswire. You
can find their data on an easy-to-read chart here: https://fitsmallbusiness.com/best-press-release-service/

I prefer a paid service for major, important news. But if
you can’t afford one, you have the free options.

Side note: I suggest going there and printing this out and creating a file for yourself and potential clients. Not sure how long it will be on their website.

5 Best Free Press Release Distribution Services 2018

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